Dramboree 2013 has been, and gone…

And all we have to remember it by is a load of new whisky friends, some great tasting memories, and a pile of Twitter and Facebook updates.


As if a weekend in a Victorian house with a load of very fine people and a 80+ bottle-strong selection of magnificent whisky weren’t enough, the weekend also featured:

  • The first ever tasting of Daftmill to be held outside of the distillery, with Francis Cuthbert – exploring some differences in flavour profiles when you’re distilling in summer versus winter.
  • A tasting of some old & departed styles of whisky bottled in the 1970s and 80s with Angus from Mulberry Bank Auctions – and the taste of that Glendronach 12 year old is never going to be forgotten!  And long will the marketing debate rage, no doubt.
  • A behind-the-scenes tour of Aberfeldy Distillery with Dewar’s marketing manager Stephen Marshall, who showed us some stuff that visitors don’t usually get to see, and led us through a memorable cask sampling session in the warehouse.
  • A (d)ramble up the Birks of Aberfeldy: a woodland path with some very pretty waterfalls that inspired Scotland’s Bard to wax lyrical.
  • A brace of cask samples from Campbeltown’s fiercely independent and utterly unique Springbank Distillery (and “cousin” distillery Glengyle also) with Melanie Stanger.
  • Possibly the most unusual (but fun) Feis Ile tasting ever – incorporating quiz, charades, contortionism, loud arguments, and lunacy – by The Whisky Lounge lads Eddie & Joe.
  • Some fine non-Balvenie-Balvenie from Dr Sam’s Secret Drams.
  • And to finish up, an utterly magnficent barbecue feast of ribs, pulled pork, and coleslaw provided & prepared by the fine team at Master of Malt.  Based on this, they could consider opening a parallel business called Master of Meat.

It’s only a pity it had to stop, really.


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A huge thanks again to all who made Dramboree 2013 a reality!