2017’s Distillery Visit – The Grapes of Rothes

Forget Campbeltown, disregard Islay and don’t even think about bloody Dufftown: Rothes is the undisputed capital of Scotch Whisky distilling.  Any of the four distilleries housed in Rothes – often referred to as ‘The Malt Whisky Capital of Scotland’ – would all make a superlative visit.  And we’ve managed to book a unique trip round one of these very distilleries!

Of the four ‘Giants of Rothes’; Glen Grant, Glenrothes, Speyburn and Glen Spey, only Glen Grant is open to the public for tours, but we’ve secured special permission to take the Dramboree group behind the scenes at Glen[mumble, mumble].  The distillery visit will feature a tour and tasting, and we may even manage to unearth a dram of Caperdonich (Rothes’ answer to Port Ellen) to sample also.

Unfortunately, Inver House were unable to facilitate a tour around the elusive Speyburn (only open to those who’ve found the golden ticket under a bottle label), however the world’s foremost Speyburn collector & expert Jon Beach will be hosting “The Fiddler’s Inn (unofficial) Speyburn Picnic” at lunch time to compensate.

We’ve had some truly phenomenal distillery trips at Dramboree over the past years, but we think the Rothes Odyssey will most certainly measure up, if not exceed expectations.

Still a handful of tickets left to book at £230 including travel from Edinburgh, accommodation, food and THIS epic distillery odyssey.

Sorry, did we say we’d be visiting *one* of the distilleries in Rothes?  Come to Dramboree and you’ll find we have more in store for you…