Bookings open on Monday for the last EVER Dramboree

Monday at 1pm the bookings for Dramboree 2018 will open, providing people with a historic last chance to count themselves among the number of dedicated whisky fans who can say “I was there”.

If you’re a whisky enthusiast in any way this really is the weekend for you – over the years we’ve had everyone from industry veterans with many years experience under their belts, right through to people who typed “whisky weekend” into a search engine and thought what we were doing sounded kinda cool.ย  And everyone who’s come along has had a great time.ย  We know, because we’ve asked.

This year it’s on July 6th, 7th & 8th.

ยฃ240 for the all-inclusive whisky weekend – travel from Glasgow to the venue and back, tasting sessions (this year’s focus will be on whisky production, by popular demand), a bespoke distillery visit, meals, accommodation, and a weekend of sharing the most marvellous dramming table of shared whisky.ย  It works because Dramboree crowds are always interesting, special and fun, and you’ve got to admit from the photo – it’s not the world’s least attractive place to be…

Book now* or forever hold your peace

If you have any questions, please contact us or visit the FAQ.ย  We’d love to have you aboard.

* by “now”, we mean Monday April 2nd at 1pm. Don’t try to book right now.ย  That’s not going to work.